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Cash processing, streamlined and simplified

Currency Controller uses a centralized database to support multiple cash vaults, reducing administration costs and providing seamless disaster recovery.

With quarterly software updates, you’ll also see improvements and new system functionality added on a regular basis.

All-in-one cash vault management and logistics

Currency Controller delivers robust solutions to cover your cash processing needs. Maximize efficiency, security and productivity with leading-edge NamSys software.

Plays well with your process

Currency Controller integrates seamlessly with authentication, sorting, counting, accounting, billing and compliance systems.

Keeps cash secure

Find peace of mind with complete audit trails, automated reports, plus end-to-end barcode track-and-trace.

Makes your job easier

Refined processes for different workflows translate to immediate productivity gains for managers and tellers.

Robust features and functions

Currency Controller puts a world of functionality at your fingertips. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Complete functionality for commercial customers, branches, ATMs and smart safes.
  • Web self-service interfaces for customers and branches, including online change orders and deposit track-and-trace using barcodes.
  • Extensive real-time reports available in PDF or Excel, including support for automatic delivery by e-mail.
  • Support for counting and sorting equipment from all major manufacturers.
  • A built-in billing system with user-configurable customer billing profiles.
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