In need of tools to improve customer care

Founded in 1964, Rochester Armored Car is the fourth largest cash-in-transit provider in the United States. The family-owned company headquartered in Omaha, NE provides full-service cash processing for hundreds of banks.

When Rochester processes cash from branches, ATMs and customers, consistently excellent customer service becomes a top priority.

The company approached NamSys with the aim of standardizing operations, improving revenue collection and giving customers a convenient self-serve option via an online portal.

Seeking a modern, standardized process

When Tracy Dreessen, Director of Cash Vault Services, first started working at Rochester Armored Car 14 years ago, the company was looking to streamline its operations.

“When I first came on board, let’s just say the cash vault program wasn’t living up to its potential,” says Dreessen.

One of her first goals at Rochester was to standardize the cash rooms and make sure they were audit-compliant. The company needed a means to operate more smoothly and capture billing information easily.

NamSys grew with us, and it was wonderful to see.

Tracy Dreessen, Director of Cash Vault Services

“We found each cash room was pretty much on its own,” she explains. “We didn’t have a software that connected everything, so we searched for a good system to perform the daily tasks in our cash and coin rooms.”

The company needed a platform that reported back to customers, offering more transparency about the work Rochester performed throughout the day on their behalf.

After trying one solution for a few years and finding it didn’t meet their needs, Dreessen’s team learned of NamSys’ reputation in the industry and decided to reach out.

“We got in touch with the folks at NamSys, and it’s been bliss ever since.”

Making the switch to new tech

Due to the multifaceted nature of the business, Rochester’s transition to a new system was tricky.

“We have 13 cash offices, but when you’re an armored car company, you act on behalf of 30 to 200 different banks,” Dreessen notes. “Conversion takes a lot longer than what you would find in a bank setting.”

To get around that hurdle, Rochester rolled out the conversion in phases, applying it to certain cash offices and customers before moving on to the ATM processing side of the business.

“ATM processing is a whole different beast,” says Dreessen. “The folks at NamSys did a lot of customization. They really jumped in and stepped up their ATM processing features to get the software where it needed to be for our purposes. They grew with us, and it was wonderful to see."

The help with file transmissions has been monumental, to say the least.

More customer convenience, less human error

Among the benefits gained from the conversion, Currency Controller reduced the amount of time Rochester spent servicing customers.

“We saw great benefits on the customer side, because prior to moving to the new system reporting was usually done with spreadsheets, email or fax,” she explains.

The introduction of a web portal made a big difference in terms of efficiency and ease-of-use for their customers.

“Currency Controller automatically sends email reports, but the main thing we really latched onto was the web portal,” Dreessen says. The portal gave customers a place to log in, pull several different types of reports and download them in different formats — all on their own time. “Flexibility for the customer was important.”

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On the operational side, Currency Controller created efficiencies and accuracy that Rochester previously lacked. The platform allowed Rochester to centrally manage and oversee its vaults.

“When you run your currency and it feeds right into the system, you eliminate human error. That’s number one,” Dreessen says, noting the integrated billing capabilities made it much easier to quickly produce reports and accurately bill customers.

In addition, automated reporting features accommodated the unique requirements of each bank in Rochester’s network.

“Because we lease their software, NamSys offers us a lot of support,”she says. The help with file transmissions has been monumental, to say the least.” File transmission speeds up the balancing process for banks and provides them with the reporting and automation features they depend on.

Creating more room to grow

For Rochester Armored Car, added efficiencies and reduced ATM processing errors were among the most important benefits gained with Currency Controller. The central management system also makes it easier for Rochester to open and expand vaults.

We really appreciate the partnership we’ve developed with NamSys, and we tout it every time we get a chance.

“It has helped the business grow,” Dreessen says.

All of Rochester’s cash and coin rooms operate solely on Currency Controller, and Dreessen plans to continue rolling out the system to new customers. The company’s next goal is to convert a few remaining customers to work entirely within the system.

Rochester is also exploring the Cirreon platform to facilitate barcode scanning and tracking on armored car deliveries. Dreessen expects to work with the NamSys team again in the near future to help implement those changes.

“Partnerships are important to us,” she notes. “We really appreciate the partnership we’ve developed with NamSys, and we tout it every time we get a chance. We always rave about the support we’ve received.”