Financial Institutions

Turn roadblocks into revenue streams

Traditional cash processing takes time and effort — both precious resources to financial institutions. Outsourcing is often the next logical step, but banks still need to maintain oversight over their vendors and direct relationships with their customers.

Banks want modern approaches to improve productivity, generate revenue and respond to their clients’ treasury needs — all with the best performance and accuracy they can get.

NamSys software tackles these challenges while integrating seamlessly with your existing process.

Solutions for Financial Institutions

Cash Vault Management

Currency Controller consolidates reporting for different vendors into one central management system, easily reconciles invoices, bills clients accurately and lets you resolve customer service questions quickly. Use it to offer flexible pricing models and automate repetitive tasks for improved productivity.

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Gaining the competitive advantage in cash processing

A CIT and cash processing company explores new ways to outpace its competitors. Currency Controller delivers a competitive advantage in cash processing efficiency and error reduction.

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Cirreon Smart Safe Monitoring and Daily Credit

Give your customers flexible daily credit solutions with Cirreon Smart Safe. The sophisticated smart safe management platform delivers full functionality, bank integration and multi-vendor support.

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Leading the pack with smarter cash automation services

The largest ATM service provider in North America aims to modernize its systems. Cirreon Smart Safe delivers functional customer interfaces, remote management capabilities and custom features.

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Cirreon Deposit Tracking

Cirreon Banking lets customers get advanced credit for their deposits, opens new channels to access cash services and offers enterprise-level management for your customers’ cash services.

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