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Get a bird’s eye view of your process

Cirreon CIT makes routes, deliveries and pickups easy to manage with Android and Google Maps technology. Digital remote management improves route planning, and a customer portal lets retailers and banks view their service and historical activity online.

To speed up the bag check-in process, cash vaults also get an electronic manifest of scheduled deliveries in advance.

Monitor your fleet at a glance

Get ahead in a competitive industry. Cirreon CIT optimizes delivery routes, minimizes mistakes and delays, and mitigates security risks — all while saving you time and money.

Manage your fleet in real-time

Monitor the GPS location of each truck and add, cancel or reorder stops from the depot.

Map routes more efficiently

Define an unlimited number of routes and stops on-the-go with flexible schedules.

Stay in contact with your drivers

Send your messengers automatic updates on a range of Android devices that run the app.

The power of paperless tech

No need for expensive equipment: a mobile phone app updates messengers about route changes. The system also provides digital receipts and manifests, supports signature capture and scans barcodes on tamper-evident bags via the phone’s camera.

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Take it for a spin

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Monitor your fleet with GPS tracking

The Cirreon CIT system stores routing information to define the shortest paths to get cash where it needs to go. Keep an eye on your fleet with GPS tracking and manage delivery and pickup details, including different time windows and cycles. 

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