Smart Safe

Streamline your smart safe operations

In the expansive world of smart safe technology, banks and armored carriers need to keep up with an increasingly diverse range of equipment, tighter encryption and security demands, and rising labor and fuel costs for on-site installation and technical service.

It's a lot to handle. Your customers need efficient ways to centrally monitor and manage their smart safe devices, get daily credit for their deposits and integrate data with their store operations.

Ready to take control of your smart safe operations? A cloud-based, open-architecture SaaS platform by NamSys puts the tools in your hands.

Solutions for Smart Safe

Cirreon Smart Safe Monitoring and Daily Credit

Cirreon Smart Safe delivers centralized smart safe management with the advanced functionality and robust, real-time performance you expect from the most widely-used solution in the industry. The platform supports equipment from multiple vendors and creates a seamless management experience.

Smart Safe lets you diagnose issues, resolve them and upgrade your smart safe software remotely on safes that support remote management. You can also use it to offer your customers a competitive daily credit solution and generate enterprise-level reports across hundreds or thousands of smart safes.

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Leading the pack with smarter cash automation services

The largest ATM service provider in North America aims to modernize its systems. Cirreon Smart Safe delivers functional customer interfaces, remote management capabilities and custom features.

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