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Create competitive smart safe offerings

Cirreon Smart Safe is an open, cloud-based digital platform for managing networks of smart safes. As the most advanced and widely-used platform in the industry, it supports major smart safe vendors and offers turnkey daily credit solutions.

Use it across multiple vendors and get consistent interfaces and reports across the board.

A streamlined universal interface

Multi-vendor support keeps your interfaces and reporting consistent, while robust real-time updates let you track detailed activity at the click of a button.

Offer reliable daily credit

Smart Safe gives your customers a turnkey daily credit platform with comprehensive bank integration, built-in reports for easy reconciliation and flexible credit cutoffs.

Track the fine details

Collect detailed information about all transaction types to see who interacts with your safe, where, when and in what denominations. Capture service events like pickups and deliveries.

Stay in control

Remote management lets you centrally manage and configure software and firmware. Easily deploy scheduled updates to safes in the field.

Real-time updates, detailed reports

Monitor operations and transactions in real-time with customizable reports. Smart Safe automatically generates posting, compliance and billing files, all accessible remotely via iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

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