Developing a more modern process

Davis Bancorp offers customers secure, accurate service with the convenience and speed of modern-day technology. For over 68 years, the company has provided banks and retailers in the Chicago, IL area with trusted cash-in-transit and protective services.

“Our primary business lines include armored transportation, cash and coin management, outsourced or virtual vault services, and more physical services like security officers and scheduled couriers,” says J.R. Davis, senior vice-president at Davis Bancorp.

After migrating to Currency Controller from an in-house solution it outgrew, Davis Bancorp went paperless with Cirreon CIT.

The company used NamSys solutions to overcome the limitations of previous systems and implement a modern, standardized process.

The problem with paper-based tracking

To increase productivity, reduce errors and generate revenue, Davis Bancorp needed to go paperless with an enterprise-level software application that could integrate with existing systems. One big part of the goal was to improve accuracy and efficiency — and create room for growth in the process.

“We were looking to grow our line of cash and coin management, virtual vault and outsourced services, and we needed a software application that could achieve all that entailed,” says Davis.

Errors are not only down but virtually eliminated.

J.R. Davis, Senior Vice-President

The company sought a platform to solicit orders from customers, maintain inventories and process deposits in a way that complies with regulations.

“NamSys had not only the functional product but also the credibility within the industry to deliver that.”

Davis Bancorp chose Cirreon CIT to carry out its vision.

Modern solutions to old problems

Streamlined CIT logistics

Unravel a world of functionality to better manage your fleet, capture delivery data and monitor drivers with Cirreon CIT.

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Cirreon CIT added multiple efficiencies to Davis Bancorp’s process. One feature allows messengers to skip stops that did not require service, saving time and reducing mileage. NamSys developed functionality that consolidates inline pickup and delivery between the company’s two lines of business — cash and gems — and eliminates the need for a separate system.

The two companies worked together to develop GS1-compatible features, allowing them to participate in a pilot project with the Federal Reserve. With new integrated billing and digital tracking systems, Davis Bancorp found significant time savings and error reduction when it moved to Cirreon CIT.

A turnkey product and seamless transition

When the time came to integrate Cirreon CIT with existing Davis Bancorp systems, the first step was to meet all the requirements developed over time for existing customers. After that, the change essentially became what Davis calls a turnkey replacement.

The transition was very smooth overall — much smoother than I could have anticipated.

“The transition was very smooth overall — much smoother than I could have anticipated,” he says, adding that NamSys facilitated the transition in several ways to prevent interruptions in their usual workflow. “They did a great deal of advance preparation to ensure it was as seamless a transition as possible.”

In the weeks following the transition, NamSys team members trained Davis Bancorp personnel to use the new system.

Davis appreciates the regular software updates provided by NamSys, particularly because Cirreon helps the company meet compliance and regulatory obligations.

“For example, we’ve been able to automate our BSA reporting obligations,” he says. “That was really a fantastic deliverable they provided.”

A lot of thought went into crafting a simple, intuitive and effective experience for customers.

From transformation to continuous growth

Davis Bancorp has been using NamSys products for more than ten years now.

“It was a big improvement to the status quo. Errors are not only down but virtually eliminated,” says Davis. He notes a 97 percent reduction in data error, as well as a 28 percent reduction in employee overtime to complete the same quantity of tasks. “It was transformational for our business.”

In the field, the company has seen a 59 percent decrease in customer service traffic and a 66 percent improvement in time-per-stop. Dock wait times went down by two thirds, while route efficiency increased by 25 percent.

Davis says the improved customer experience is another highlight of the new system.

“Cirreon CIT allows us to provide services in a way that meets or exceeds industry expectations. A lot of thought went into crafting a simple, intuitive and effective experience for customers. ”

What’s next for Davis Bancorp?

“We are growth-minded. We feel very strongly about reinvesting in our company to make sure we are always advancing,” says Davis. “Use of technology in not only creative but truly effective ways — that’s what we want to keep our eye on.”