Modern cash vaults have evolved from offering basic change order fulfillment and deposit processing to providing unique solutions to an increasingly diverse group of users. NamSys provides cash processors with robust solutions to challenges like large-scale ATM processing, smart safe/daily credit reconciliation, cash inventory optimization and store-to-vault customer integration.

NamSys Currency Controller® is a comprehensive cash vault management and logistics system designed to manage all aspects of cash processing for banks and cash-in-transit providers. It is the result of over 20 years producing leading-edge software specifically for cash vaults.

Major features

  • Modern application architecture supports Windows & Linux and a variety of databases
  • Uses a centralized SQL database to support multiple cash vaults, reducing IT costs and providing seamless disaster recovery
  • Web and Telephone (VRU/IVR) self-service interfaces for customers and branches including deposit trace-and-trace using barcodes
  • Over 150 reports that can be output to PDF and Excel and ad-hoc reports using third-party tools (e.g. Crystal Reports) is supported
  • Quarterly software updates contain improvements and new system functionality
  • Easily integrates with legacy billing, large transaction reporting and DDA/GL systems
  • Integrated support for ‘virtual vault’ operations and offsite processing by major vendors like Brink’sGarda and Loomis
  • Reconciles invoices received for offsite and virtual vault processing services
  • Processes file feeds from remote retail cash deposit safes for billing and customer service
  • White-label deposit and change order processing for other financial institutions
  • Barcode bag tracking and electronic manifests for deposits and change orders
  • Built-in billing system with user-configurable customer billing profiles
  • Field-level audit trails for configuration changes and keystroke audit trails for transaction processing
  • Multiple deposit processing models supported with high-productivity teller cash settlement screens
  • Batch processing and reconciliation using high-speed sorters
  • Supports currency sorters and popular desktop counters and coin sorters
  • Envelope balancing
  • Counterfeit tracking and automated Secret Service reports
  • ATM processing with support for both top-up and swap models
  • Support for multiple foreign currencies with configurable buy/sell rates
  • Deposit slip and check imaging support
  • Electronic manifests for deposits and change orders
  • Provisional credit deposits
  • Offline processing capability when the network is unavailable
  • Intelligent change order filling and bag splitting
  • Optional blind verification of change orders
  • Recurring (standing) orders
  • Available distributed order filling module to enable branch processing of customer change orders
  • Automated any report to be generated and e-mailed using flexible schedules
  • Prints barcode tracking labels and MICR-encoded documents
  • Teller productivity scoring (TellerScore) technology
  • Supports SSL network encryption and certificates
  • Integrates with Microsoft ActiveDirectory and LDAP authentication systems

Sample screens