Many armored carriers around the world are still using paper receipts and hand-written manifests to manage their pickups and deliveries. NamSys is helping carriers leapfrog to the same level as FedEx and UPS by leveraging Android and Google Maps technology to provide barcode track-and-trace, routing and real-time fleet operations using the Cirreon SaaS platform.

Android devices
Choose from a wide range of Android cell phones that can run the Cirreon Carrier app, including rugged models suitable for use in a logistics environment.  The devices communicate in real-time unless a cellular signal is unavailable.  When a signal is not available (e.g. when below ground or in a parking facility), the device continues to operate normally and queues the data for transmission when connectivity is restored.

Barcode scanning
Barcodes are on standard tamper-evident bags are scanned using the camera on the phone or a dedicated scanner built into the phone (e.g. Motorola TC55), reducing stop times and improving accuracy

Signature capture
Customer signatures are captured on the touch-screen using a stylus, eliminating paper receipts and improving security.  Customers can view their electronic receipts online or have them automatically emailed in real-time.

Real-time fleet management
The GPS location of each truck without adding expensive equipment to the vehicle and, because the device is in constant communication with Cirreon, stops can be added, cancelled or reordered by the depot for en-route trucks and automatically dispatched to the messenger’s Android device.

Customer portal
Customers such as retailers or banks can view their historical service activity online and subscribe to text-message or e-mail notifications when their location is serviced

Route management
Define an unlimited number of routes that consists of stops at retail/commercial customers, ATMs bank branches, bank vaults and central banks.  Stops can be setup with flexible schedules with support for time windows, different weekly/monthly cycles and seasonal windows.

Cash vault integration
Cash vaults serviced by the carrier receive an electronic manifest of expected deliveries in advance, reducing the amount of time that the trucks wait in the bay while bags are checked-in.