In a world where cash is under increasing pressure from electronic payments, smart safes are making cash payments a less expensive and more reliable option for retailers by decoupling the credit for their deposit from the physical location of the currency. NamSys helps banks and armored carriers can create a competitive smart safe/daily credit offering.

The Cirreon SaaS smart safe platform is the most advanced and widely used solution in the industry. The product supports major smart safe vendors and is a platform for turn-key daily credit product that delivers the features and robust real-time performance that customers demand.

‘Daily credit’ is a term used to describe when the notes deposited into a safe using the bill validator/acceptor are credited to a customer account before the notes are picked up by a carrier and verified. It is also referred to as ‘Advanced credit’ or ‘Provisional credit’.

Bank integration
Bank-specific posting, compliance and billing files can be automatically generated to credit customer accounts and sent out via SFTP (secure FTP)

Built-in reports allow to easily balance and reconcile each daily credit customer, diagnose any outages and quickly correct the errors.

Flexible credit cutoffs
The system supports optional dual cut-off times, one for the customer business date and another for the daily credit cutoff. This allows customers to maximize the deposit to their account while allowing them to easily balance the safe to their POS system.

Multi-vendor support
The system supports equipment from the following vendors and users receive consistent interfaces and reports allowing for the deployment of heterogeneous

Remote management
The system allows you to centrally manage your safe configuration, safe software and firmware (e.g. to support new bills) and to easily deploy updates to safes in the field (individually or in larger groups) on a scheduled basis.

Cirreon collects detailed information about each interaction with the safe including the employee id/name, register id/name, date/time and the denomination-level breakdown. The system supports all transaction types including deposits, change purchases and dispenses, order payments, manual envelope drops and float dispenses.

Business days, credits & shifts
The software manages multiple cutoff events that allow the customer to balance to their POS system by business day or shift

Pickups & loads
The system captures service events such as pickups and deliveries (loads) and can notify users if a pickup does not occur at the expected day and time

Cirreon also collects information about problems and events from the safe such as ‘Printer out of paper’, ‘Door open’ or ‘Employee PIN changed’. Users can opt to be automatically notified when selected events occur and built-in analysis enables you to identify hot-spots and problematic machines.

Mobile access
The Cirreon Mobile application is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices and delivers real-time information about your safe network including transactions, business day summaries and pickup information.