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NamSys completes SOC 2 security audit (2022)

NamSys is pleased to announce that the company has completed their annual security controls report for the Cirreon and Currency Controller software platforms.

This SOC 2 for Service Organizations internal control report is guided by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). The attestation report is a crucial tool for organizations to assess and manage risks associated with outsourced software services.

"We are proud to once again reaffirm the integrity and security of our systems," says Christie Gray, COO of NamSys. "Our clients can be confident that we are committed to and making every investment to establish and maintain the most stringent controls to ensure the highest level of security"

NamSys CISO, Milo Gancarz adds: "Building on our success from previous years, NamSys continues to provide enterprise level quality through our cybersecurity program. With the right talent strategy in all departments, and with frequent feedback from our customers, we can react quickly to the direction the banking industry is headed. The resulting security program maturity is one of the reasons our customers trust the NamSys brand."

More information on SOC for Service Organizations can be found at