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The case for a universal smart safe dashboard

What do mobile phone carriers and smart safe service providers have in common? It’s all about choice.

Mobile phone service providers understand that users choose phones based on their needs and budget. With that in mind, it would be pretty strange if carriers only supported iPhone or Android phones, instead of supporting the full gamut of choices.

Beyond that, mobile carriers know that sometimes the kids want iPhones while the parents use Blackberry and Samsung. Rather than making the family use three different web portals to manage one account, phone companies invest in universal customer service portals to make things easier.

Retailers have similar demands for choice and flexibility from their smart safe service provider. They want to be able to choose hardware that best fits their stores. In some cases, they have already invested in smart safe hardware and cases with the intention of using a mix of different manufacturers.

To support the multiple options they demand, retailers need a streamlined way to manage their many systems. They will not tolerate having staff manually pull together data from different dashboards with different capabilities and reporting styles. They expect a consistent user experience, reporting and technical support from their service provider.

Retailers also demand flexibility in banking relationships for daily credit. If your organization supports multiple dashboards and multiple banks, then the complexity and associated risk quickly escalate.

To illustrate, here’s an example of what a typical manufacturer dashboard looks like compared with one that streamlines everything into one dashboard.


NamSys untangles the web of mixed manufacturers to keep things simple. Our Cirreon Smart Safe platform offers a consistent user experience, reporting, remote management and daily credit functionality for over 20 manufacturers, and we’re always adding to the list.

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